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We are only 10 minutes to Frankfurt Airport

We used to sell bottles and cans in a case that was hung around the neck, but the selling method has changed completely.

On the stadium seats with slopes and steps, they move quickly with a  smile on their face, but they are pretty hard work in reality.

  • The cute backpacks that cute girls sell and scream, "How about some beer?"
  • Are officially called "direct draught beer for mobile sales."

Professional baseball season finally begins, and if it can be reached by summer with a drinking pot.

If a gas bottle, a  decompressor, a beer tap called a beverage dispenser gun, and a flexible metal hose connecting the weapon and the main body is added, the total weight exceeds 15 kg.

But when I looked up how to buy it, I found disappointing information.

An aluminium keg filled with draught beer weighs about 12 Kg!

Among the many commodities on the market, the keg beer server for professionals is unavoidable for everyone.