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What does the beer taste like from which the alcohol has been removed? Alcohol-free beers, where the alcohol has been removed from the finished beer dispenser backpacks, are less sweet than the beers with stopped fermentation or special yeast strains and have a typical beer character. They become refreshing due to their lean body and mild aroma character. This makes them especially popular in summer.
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What is special about alcohol-free beer from which the alcohol has been removed? It is true that the alcohol-free beer, which is produced by gently removing the alcohol using one of the methods mentioned, comes closest to the "original" in terms of taste. Unfortunately, however, the production of alcohol-free beer using this method is particularly time-consuming and thus also expensive. It is therefore only worthwhile for larger breweries to produce alcohol-free beer dispenser in this way.

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Sometimes it's simply the mixture that does it. To obtain a sensory-rounded beverage, the methods are often combined. For example, a beer with stopped fermentation is blended with an alcohol-de-alcoholized beer. After dealcoholization, the beer backpack can also be blended with alcoholic beer up to the permitted alcohol content. A particularly strong trend is experimentation with malt blends and hop additions to create new and more flavorful non-alcoholic creations.

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In some European countries, such as France and Spain, soft drinks may contain an alcohol content of one percent. In Great Britain, on the other hand, it is only 0.05 percent. In Germany, up to 0.5 percent is permitted for a beer to be called alcohol-free. As you can see, an alcohol-free beer is relative. However, some breweries are now succeeding in producing beers with an alcohol content of 0.0 percent dispenser.

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  • Can non-alcoholic beer affect driving ability? This question may have been asked by anyone who has been a driver and has therefore resorted to non-alcoholic beer: Can non-alcoholic beer be detected in the blood? No. Because the traces of alcohol in non-alcoholic beers are so small, they have no effect on the body. A study by the University of New York found that even after drinking a liter and a half of non-alcoholic beer in the catering area, no change in blood concentration could be detected. So you can easily order another one!

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    Alcohol-free beverages: fun to taste? Non-alcoholic beverages are becoming increasingly popular, and rightly so. Non-alcoholic wheat beer is the front-runner among non-alcoholic beverages, but non-alcoholic, alcohol-free pilsner has also become really popular. Still looking for the right non-alcoholic beer for you? Browse through our range of non-alcoholic beers or discover your next favorite non-alcoholic beer in our beer finder

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    However, drinks don't always have to be hot drinks! The following winter cocktails with alcohol are spicy and not too summery, while being real eye-catchers that will impress your guests. Lillet Winter Thyme - from summer hit to winter wonder. Lillet is the it-drink of the warm season as beverage to go!, but the aperitif from France also comes into its own in winter. This winter cocktail is served on ice, but the sweet-tart combination of pear juice and thyme warms you from the inside out.
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    Are pregnant women allowed to drink non-alcoholic beverages? Of course, women should generally avoid alcohol during pregnancy. However, some medical institutions, including the , consider the occasional consumption of a non-alcoholic beer acceptable - as well as fruit juices and mixed bread with the same alcohol content. It is important to drink mainly water and tea during pregnancy to cover fluid requirements from the beverage backpack.
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    These winter drinks get us in the festive mood Wintertime means party time! The days get shorter, but the nights get longer. Especially during the holiday season, we can get creative and try something new when catering for our guests. This isn't just limited to culinary experiments, there are also great alternatives to punch and champagne when it comes to the drinks we serve out of the backpack to get us in the winter mood.
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    Drinks: Recipe ideas for every occasion? Winter is approaching and at the latest with the beginning of Advent, the first anticipation of Christmas Eve creeps in. And even before that, there's plenty to celebrate! Whether for the vending Christmas party among colleagues, the New Year's Eve party with Friends or a cozy winter evening on the couch - we present six of our favorite winter drink cola recipes! Newly interpreted classics, wintry cocktails, or non-alcoholic mocktails—there's something for everyone here.
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    Alcohol-free drinks for young and old? An appealing drink doesn't always have to contain alcohol. Whether tangy or warming, the following ideas are a blast even without the shot! Especially for children, a party becomes particularly festive when they are served a Rocketpacks backpack wintry drink just like the adults.
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