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Beverage Backpack the Catering Machine

Thus, you will generate significant income, enjoy working on your account, and enjoy selling products that you like!

  • This results from all beverage backpacks from the preparation phase.
  • If you invest in distributing with a backpack beverage dispenser, you will find that it's certainly more accessible than you may expect. 

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Are you a businessman at heart and aspire to be a company manager?

What makes your perspective unique?

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You carry out your market research in complete transparency to determine the potential turnover and plan for the year to visit future events and other wanted places.

When selling drinks, sandwiches, ice cream, and other products, you can quickly amortize what you invested on backpacks.

  1. As a true business leader and manager, you must be relentless in sticking to your sales forecast.
  2. The secret of a growing company is the availability of their services and products all the time without any interruption. 
  3. Be present every day and offer your products!
  • It is not necessary to have experience in catering!
  • It is, above all, a question of knowing how to work with rigor and dynamism.

What are the stages of the beverage backpackt?

If your efforts as an independent entrepreneur are rewarded, you can eventually operate several mobile points of sale.
  • Enough to bring you comfortable incomes quickly!
  • Innovate in a constantly changing market.
  • What is a beverage backpack?

    A beverage backpack is a larger beverage container (with a volume of usually about 20 liters) that is made to be carried by a single person on the back. 

    In addition, this beverage backpack has a function that allows the wearer to take portioned parts of the liquid contained in the beverage backpack while wearing it. 

    This can then be filled, for example, into drinking containers carried by the same person, such as plastic cups.

    The advantages of a beverage backpack are:

    The liquid takes up a minimum volume due to the compact bag storage

    There is practically no extra weight due to beverage packaging components (as would be the case, for example, with initial deposit in glass bottles)

    Transporting by beverage backpack is very comfortable, as the center of gravity of the load is brought very close to the body.

    This results in a very good ratio of mass of liquid per person transporting it, combined with good comfort and handling.

    The above-mentioned advantages of the beverage backpack predestine it for use at public events such as sporting events, festivals or concerts.

    A typical beverage that is often distributed by the so-called beverage backpack is beer - also called beer backpack.