Light drinks: These ingredients are in the backpack! Refreshing, colorful and with surprisingly few calories. Light drinks are the light version of sweet beverages - but what exactly is in the sugar-free drinks?

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What are light drinks? A tangy cola, a fruity juice or a refreshing iced tea - sweet drinks are a pleasure. But if we drink too much of them, the little refreshment can end up on our hips. After all, soft drinks contain a lot of calories: A glass of cola, for example, contains around 110 calories and more than 15 grams of sugar - and iced tea or juices are no match for this figure. So if we overdo it with the sweet drinks, it's unfortunately not healthy for us. The solution for lower-calorie refreshment: sugar-free drinks and dispensers that get their flavor from sweeteners. Light drinks can thus be a low-calorie alternative to soft drinks and juices.
  • This results from all beverage backpacks from the preparation phase.
  • If you invest in distributing with a backpack beverage dispenser, you will find that it's certainly more accessible than you may expect. 

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  • A large vinyl display cover allows a quick change. 
These ingredients are contained in coffee light drinks

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By avoiding sugar, light drinks save quite a bit on fattening - after all, sweetener has almost no calories. A seller's backpack of Diet Coke, Fanta Zero or light iced tea, for example, have no more than one calorie. A huge difference from the sweetened variety.

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If sugar-free drinks are such a low-calorie treat, can they also be good for weight loss? Common sense may first think "yes" - but the answer is unfortunately a bit trickier. Sure, if you cut back on calories, you'll prevent excess flab. If you drink a few too many glasses of soft drinks in your daily routine, you can save a lot of sugar by drinking light beverages. Light drinks can therefore support a diet or be drunk while fasting.

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Non-alcoholic beverage production and taste? As with regular beer, the ingredients of the non-alcoholic variety are limited to the four basic ingredients of water, hops, malt and yeast. With non-alcoholic, the alcohol is only extracted somehow. But how? There are various methods for this in the brewing process, all of which have their merits. The important thing in extracting the alcohol from the beer is that it retains a round taste, even though the alcohol is missing as a flavor carrier. New methods in the production of alcohol-free beer are now producing amazing results. What methods are there for dealcoholizing beer and what is special about them?

What makes your perspective unique?

Have a backpack printed and the curious looks of many people on the street or in the crowded city centers are sure to you and your backpack. At best, the message on the printed backpack has a strong external effect, so that the wearer is addressed on it and can present your company in the best possible way. There is hardly a better advertising effect and more effective eye-catcher.
  • There is practically no extra weight due to beverage packaging components (as would be the case, for example, with initial deposit in glass bottles)
  • Transporting by beverage backpack is very comfortable, as the center of gravity of the load is brought very close to the body.
  • This results in a very good ratio of mass of liquid per person transporting it, combined with good comfort and handling.
  • What is so special about non-alcoholic beers from stopped coffee fermentation? The "stopped fermenters" are sensorially reminiscent of the beer wort in the brewhouse. They have a slender body, which brings out their effervescence. The unfermented sugars of the wort bring a sweetness to the finished beer that, combined with the caramel notes of the malt, are reminiscent of honey. The bitterness is balanced to the sweetness and brings character to the coffee. Overall, the beer appears light and refreshing, making it an ideal thirst quencher. Non-alcoholic beers, which are produced with stopped fermentation, are isotonic and therefore particularly compatible with backpacks. They are often promoted as sports drinks.
    • It is not necessary to have experience in catering!
    • It is, above all, a question of knowing how to work with rigor and dynamism.
    The most popular beers in alcohol-free are alcohol-free Pilsner and alcohol-free wheat beer, and for a few years now also alcohol-free mixed beer beverages such as alcohol-free Radler or . Thanks to new methods and recipes, quality and variety are increasing sharply: the trend is toward alcohol-free hop-accented varieties such as IPA, refreshing fruit and sour beers, Belgian beers, or herbal beers with ginger, lavender, or pepper. So it's okay to be fancy when you treat yourself with hawking beverage backpack to a non-alcoholic beer. Many of these varieties are brewed in the USA, because New Zealand breweries are world leaders in the production of high-quality non-alcoholic beers.

    When selling drinks, sandwiches, ice cream, and other products, you can quickly amortize what you invested on backpacks.

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    You carry out your market research in complete transparency to determine the potential turnover and plan for the year to visit future events and other wanted places.
  • In addition, this beverage backpack has a function that allows the wearer to take portioned parts of the liquid contained in the beverage backpack while wearing it. 
  • This can then be filled, for example, into drinking containers carried by the same person, such as plastic cups.
  • Why drink beer without alcohol? Because it's delicious! The craft beer movement has brought many new aroma hop varieties to the market, which also give non-alcoholic beer more flavor. This could be one of the reasons that sales of non-alcoholic beer continue to rise. But it is not the only one. The variety of non-alcoholic beer is growing rapidly, as new varieties are constantly being developed. But how does beer become alcohol-free? Here we show you how non-alcoholic beer is created and what is special about the taste of this type of beer.
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    Fermentation with special yeast strains that produce non-alcoholic soft drinks? Beer can also be fermented with special yeast strains that are more sluggish than normal yeasts. Thus, they convert only part of the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The remaining malt sugar is not fermented and remains in the warm soaked.

    What are the stages of the beverage backpackt?

    If your efforts as an independent entrepreneur are rewarded, you can eventually operate several mobile points of sale.
  • Enough to bring you comfortable incomes quickly!
  • Innovate in a constantly changing market.
  • Alcohol-free beer can also be obtained from normally brewed alcoholic beer. For this purpose, the alcohol is removed by various physical processes. These processes can be: Distillation or vacuum distillation (in which the evaporated flavors are returned to the beer) Evaporation (alcohol evaporates at lower temperatures than water, so gentle heating of the beer is sufficient) Filtration through a membrane. In all three methods, the alcohol is specifically removed up to the permitted amount of 0.5 percent residual alcohol.

    What is a beverage backpack?

    • A beverage backpack is a larger beverage container (with a volume of usually about 20 liters) that is made to be carried by a single person on the back. 
    • The advantages of a beverage backpack are:
    • The liquid takes up a minimum volume due to the compact bag storage
  • The above-mentioned advantages of the beverage backpack predestine it for use at public events such as sporting events, festivals or concerts.
  • A typical beverage that is often distributed by the so-called beverage backpack is beer - also called beer backpack.
  • tarpaulin water-repellent
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material! 
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!