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Portable Beverage Backpack System

  • 5 - 11 - 19 - 22 - 30 Liter Version 

  • We serve customers of all sizes beverage backpack with drinks.
  • Among them are retailers , event organizers and catering objects. The application possibilities of the Beverage Backpack are manifold:

Whether at an exclusive gala or a festival, at a trade fair event or a sports event - the Rocketpack is an unforgettable eye-catcher at every event and meets the highest demands with perfectly tempered food and high-quality design.

  • Beverage backpack dispensing & Home Services In our wholesalers , we offer a wide range of regional and national brands. 
  • A hot gastronomic innovation that revolutionizes aesthetically and functionally needs one ingredient above all else: heart and Soul.
  • Hand Sanitizing Backpack

    Highest performance of Beverage Backpack

    1. All of your guests before , the true bartender style , freshly prepared. Orange - Wake-Up for the extension of orange juice , brandy , rum, Martini Bianco.

    Whether hot or cold food, gourmet or finger food - there are no limits to the variety of dishes.

    For the first time, larger quantities of warm drinks can now be offered to the event guest over long distances and a period of several hours at a high level.

    Beverage Backpack Dispenser for all Drinks

    • The idea of a mobile catering station was born. In the past, there have been attempts to implement similar concepts, but the technology was not yet mature enough.
    • A year ago I had my breakthrough. Smaller and lighter energy storages in combination with a stable lightweight construction and an untiring team of developers and designers finally helped the idea on its feet.
    • Wherever the guest is to be supplied with perfectly tempered drinks, there are hardly any obstacles with the Rocketpacks.
    • With a width of 90 cm and a weight of only 6 kg, the Rocketpacks scores with manoeuvrability and lightness.
      An innovative ergonomically balanced carrying system was developed together with pysiotherapists and orthopaedists.
    • A trapeze ensures the ideal shift of weight to the hips and legs - thus relieving the strain on the shoulders and back.
    • Beverages Backpack:  for 19 liter beer, always serve your guests a cool freshly tapped drink.

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